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SOA Falmouth Creek Explorer Challenge

Take on ‘The Creeks of Falmouth’!

See how many of the Creeks you can visit using your Cornish Shrimper. Sail when the weather / tides / time is right for you and over the season fill in the boxes below for each location. Why not anchor and enjoy some lunch whilst taking in the beauty of the area!

Cruise the Creeks in Company: use the new SOA Falmouth WhatsApp Group to arrange a sail in company with other Shrimpers! Just let other Shrimper owners know the day you intend going, a rendezvous location and time (eg. Meet off Mylor fairway lateral marks at 1100), which of the locations on the list you are heading for, agree a VHF channel, and off you go on a Shrimper adventure!

Click on the following link for full information:-‘The%20Creek%20Explorer%20Challenge%202019.pdf

*Please check the tides and the weather are suitable for your journey. Ensure your Shrimper has all the necessary equipment as per SOA requirements, and is seaworthy. As the skipper of your own boat it is your responsibility.

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