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Every new Shrimper is delivered with an owner’s handbook.   Within its pages can be found notes on how to rig and sail your Shrimper, how to use the standard trailers, mooring and routine maintenance.   Inboard Shrimpers also have an engine handbook containing essential information on maintaining and servicing the Yanmar 1GM10.  These most useful of documents are often damaged or mislaid, so are not always passed on to subsequent owners when the boat is sold.  

Until the mid 1990s the Cornish Shrimper was available in kit form, essentially a bonded hull and deck with centreplate fitted plus all the parts to complete the boat to standard specification.  To ensure the boat was built as to plan, kit purchasers received a set of assembly instructions that showed where to fit everything and with what.  For any owner carrying out hull repairs or replacing fittings these instructions provide an invaluable source of information. 

Follow the links below to open downloadable versions of the standard handbooks issued by Cornish Crabbers with all new boats, a set of assembly instructions for a 1984 MK 1 kit and instructions on how to fit and rig the standard cockpit tent.


Rigging, Handling & Maintenance Notes 

Inboard Engine Handbook

Kit Assembly Instructions

How to fit a cockpit tent

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