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Instructions for submitting photos:

Instructions for submitting photos:

The purpose of this note is to explain how the photo gallery on the website works and to encourage members to take lots of photos of our Shrimper activities and to share the best ones with all of us on our website.



To submit photographs

Many members store their photographs on an external site such as Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa etc. In this case the easiest way to submit these photographs is to send me the internet link to the photos on that site and I will place that link on the page of our website.


Members who do not use such storage sites can submit them by emailing the photos to me and I will upload them to our dedicated SOA Flickr site. This can be accessed by clicking the link in red entitled SOA Members’ Photographs on Flickr.


And that is basically it. All our photos will in this way be stored on external sites, either yours or the SOA’s. This gives us unlimited storage capacity and the photos can be displayed at a greater screen size and resolution than those which were previously stored directly on our website.


Please email the links to me at


Photo files can also be sent to me at the same email address, but if there is more than one, or if it is a large file, this could screw up the email system.  A better way is to use a file transfer service.  This is very easy to do, it is free and you can transfer up to 2 GB of data in one transaction.  One I recommend is


Once in this site you can either click on add files and select the picture files from your computer, or drag the picture files from your computer onto the wetransfer screen.

Click on Friend’s Email and enter my email address, as above.

Enter your email address.

Click Transfer.

The files may take a few minutes to transfer depending on size.

You will receive an email to confirm the transfer and I will receive an email with a link to download your photos which I will then upload to the SOA Flickr site.  Simple as that.


Please have a look at some of the superb Shrimper images and send the best of yours to share with everyone.  If you need any help, send me an email.


Paul Fearnley

1120 Stella Maris


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