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Shrimper 19 Racing

Shrimper 19 Class Rules - Including Racing

Whenever any group of boats sails together it seems almost inevitable that a competitive instinct emerges.  Learning to get the best from your boat is beneficial at all levels of ownership and organised racing takes this to a higher level.

The need to ensure fair competition was one of the fundamentals behind the formation of the SOA. 

There are Shrimper 19 racing fleets in most SOA Areas with management of local racing usually under the jurisdiction of the Regional Honorary Secretary or one of his team.  To maintain parity, the SOA Technical Committee has put together a set of one-design class rules.  These are not specifically aimed at racing skippers but provide guidance on good practice for whatever activity your Shrimper is used.     

The Shrimper ethos is “Fast but Fair”, the Concept being to keep all boats equally competitive, requiring no extra expense beyond the purchase of a Standard Shrimper but allowing freedom to tune the rig and carry out personal alterations to the interior or to deck/cockpit fittings for comfort, ease of handling and optimum performance.

For any skipper intending to race in their own location or travel and race in other areas, it is recommended that they read in advance the event’s Notice of Race to check if any of the “Local Amendments”, as listed at the end of the class rules, have been applied.

Please also be aware that in response to the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) change to the definition of “hull”, a modification to our own Class Rules has been made.  See page 3 of the Class Rules in the link below.


Cornish Shrimper 19 Class Rules


One critical aspect with any class is sail size and shape. 

Guidance on sail measuring may be found here:


Sail Measuring Guidelines


For clarification or guidance on any aspect of the Shrimper 19 Class Rules, please contact our SOA Technical Committee Chairman - Richard Gray

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