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Trailability is one of the Shrimper’s greatest assets.   Being able to launch and recover on the simplest of slipways, or even a firm beach, means that new cruising waters are never more than a road journey away.  A trailer is also a very important part of the affair for those of us whose "mooring" is on land!  But what type is best and how do I maintain it?  In this section we aim to provide information on the relative merits of the different types plus advice on essential maintenance.   Here also you will find tips on trailer safety and some ideas on how to prepare your boat for the road.    

Standard trailers are available from a number of sources, but Bryn Bird wanted something a bit different, so designed and built his own.  Follow the link to see what he came up with.   Bryn is happy to provide more information or advice to anyone who may like one (email:  Larger versions of the photographs may be found by clicking on any within the written description or by following the link below.

Finally, having found your ideal trailer, you need something to pull it with.  The link below provides guidance on current towing legislation together with some suggestions for possible Shrimper tow cars. 

Bryn Bird’s trailer

Bryn Bird Trailer Photos

Breakback or Combi? Trevor T explains

Tips For Combi Trolley Users

Essential Towing Tips

Preparing a Shrimper for Trailing

Tips For Long Distance Trailing

Mast & Spar Support

Tow Cars

Trailer wheel covers

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