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SOA Member Logs - England

SOA Member Logs  -  England

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2023 A circumnavigation of Lundy David Mitchell & Jonathan Beard (Tikki Dyw 21/26)

2023 All's Well That Ends Well on the Severn and Avon Karen Macey (Camaron 940)

2023 Four Counties cruising solo in a Shrimper 19 Mark Jenkins (bluejay 1152)

2022 Woodbridge to Faversham  Robin & Gillie Whittle (Bumble Chugger 124)

2022  A Scilly Cruise David Mitchell and Jonathan Beard (Tykki Dyw 21/26)

2019  From Plymouth Sound to the Hamble  Mark Jenkins  (Bluejay 1152)

2018  East Coast Mini-loop  Paul Durbin  (Thrift 96)

2018  South Cornwall Summer Cruise  John Phillips  (Froya 809)  

2017  Bumbling round London  Robin & Gillie Whittle  (Bumble Chugger 124)

2017  Shrimper Week Milford Haven  Gill Heritage  (Jessie May 882)

2017  Scillies Cruise  Simon Hoar  (Victory 620)

2016  West Solent Mini Cruise  Maggie Haxell  (Piglet 430)

2016  September Solent Cruise  Trevor Thomas (S21 Encore 17)

2015  Solent Cruise Week or The Parrot Affair  Sarah Brown  (Sweet Pea)

2014  Rock Autumn Shrimper Fest  Roger Williams  (Salamanda 133)

2014  To the Far Side of the World in Phyllis  Maxine Smith  (Phyllis 848)

2014  Solent Cruise Week  James Mant  (Breeze 145)

2014  West Solent Five Rivers Cruise  Anne Beeby  (Fairmaid 845) 

2014  Solent Mini Cruise  Steve Evatt  (Cornish Yawl Nellie B)

2015  Shrimping for Girls  Liz Robinson  (Barkiss 1080)

2015  Shooze Cruise - Going West  Carolyn Howden  (Tarrock 479)

2013  Walton Backwaters  Gillie and Robin Whittle  (Bumble Chugger 124)

2013  Sailing to Cambridge  Gillie and Robin Whittle  (Bumble Chugger 124)

2013  Our International Shrimpers Week  Jon and Marie-Do Davies  (Flete Lady 402)

2012  September Solent Mini Cruise  Mike Shearman  (Triplet 815)

2012  Our International Shrimper Week  Jon and Marie-Do Davies  (Flete Lady 402)

2012  International Shrimper Week Falmouth  Nigel Sharp

2012  International Shrimper Week   Poole Falmouth Poole  Mike Shearman  (Triplet 815)  

2012  Bumbling on the Dart 23 June to 30 June  Gillie and Robin Whittle  (Bumble Chugger 124)

2012  A Trip up the North Norfolk Coast  June Bird  (Gwendoline 823)

2012  Apple Pie, Red Hats and the Queen  Carolyn and David Howden  (Tarrock 479)

2011  Hampshire to Holland and Back Peter May and Robin Wearn  (La Mouette 379)

2011  Solent Cruise Week to Poole  Olaf Petersen  (Little Auk 123)

2011  Grebe's Expedition to the Wash  Mike & Val Sherwen  (Grebe 101)

2011  A Trip to the Kentish Stour  June Bird  (Gwendoline 823)

2010  Solent Cruise 7th-13th August  Mike Hunter and Julia Slatter  (Redwing 881)

2010  Chichester to the Dart and back  Dick Pizey  (Daislebee 1049)

2010  Almost on the Rocks  Poole to Chichester Harbour  Mike Shearman  (Triplet 815)

2010  Exmouth to Alderney  Simon Hoar  (Demelza 66)

2009  A Cornish Shrimper cruises the River Thames  Richard Shaw  (Gamba 218)

2009  Norfolk Broads  Robin Whittle (Bumble Chugger 124)

2009  Mid Solent Mini Cruise  Mike Shearman  (Triplet 815)

2009  River Medway Cruise  Gillie & Robin Whittle  (Bumble Chugger 124) 

2009  A Busted Rudder  Clifford Champion  (Saucy Ann 705)

2009  Diary of a Racing Shrimper  George Sylvester  (Cotehele 63)

2009  West Solent  Provisions for a Mini Cruise  Mike Shearman  (Triplet 815)  

2009  Rock to Bosham  Bybyn-Bubyn's Coastal Creep  Julian Biggs  (Bybyn-Bubyn 384)

2004  South Circular 1  Thames to Bristol  Robin & Gillie Whittle  (Bumble Chugger 124)

2004  South Circular 2  Bristol to South Wales  Robin & Gillie Whittle  Bumble Chugger 124)

2004  South Circular 3  National Shrimper Week  Milford Haven  Robin & Gillie Whittle  (Bumble Chugger 124)

2004  South Cicular 4  Milford Haven to The Thames  Robin & Gillie Whittle  (Bumble Chugger 124)

2008  Winkle on the Tamar  Keith & Jackie Thatcher (Winkle 144)

2008  Yarmouth Old Gaffers Festival  Steve Mitchell  (Spray 19)

2007  A Passage to Weymouth  Barry Mellor  (Julie Kate 438)

2007  A First Timer's Round the Island Race  Steve Mitchell  (Spray 19)

2007  Falmouth  Torrential Rain Tent Pegs and Trailers  Steve Mitchell  (Spray 19)

2006  National Shrimper Week Fowey  Barry Mellor  (Clementintine 849)

2006  Adventures with the SOA  Liz Thomas (Dreamtime 935)

2006  Bumble Chugger's Voyage to the Scilly Isles  Robin & Gillie Whittle  (Bumble Chugger 124)

2006  Shrimpering to the Isles of Scilly  Roy Harper  (Lady Eleanor 921)

2006  Bumble Chugger's Shrimper Week   Robin & Gillie Whittle  (Bumble Chugger 124)

2006  Yarmouth Old Gaffers Festival  Steve Mitchell  (Spray 19)

2006  Half of Solent Cruise Week  Fyn Mitchell  (Spray 19)

2005  International Festival of the Sea  Fyn Mitchell  (Spray 19) 

2005  East Coast Rally in Walton Backwaters  Robin & Gillie Whittle  (Bumble Chugger 124)

2005  Rounding the Fastnet Rock  Martyn Todd  (Betsy 459)

2004  Padstow to Fowey in 26 hours  Mike Pumphrey  (Salt Horse II 830)

2004  Around Great Britain  David Dorrell  (Humpol 88)

2004  Falmouth Fun Week  Mark Osborn  (Boyers Shrimper 245)

2003  Falmouth to Mousehole  A Sail back in Time  Jane Benge  (Grace of St Just 433)

2003  Poole  International Shrimper Week  John de Kanter  (Waterman 570)

2003  Round the Island Race  Robin Whittle  (Bumble Chugger 124)

2003  The Classic Malts Cruise  Roy Harper  (Lady Eleanor 921)

2002  Poole  Shrimpers up the Corfe River  Derek Burdell  (Gem 316)

2002  Cornwall  A Sail back in Time  Jane Benge  (Grace of St Just 433)

2001  Gwendoline Memoirs  June Bird  (Gwendoline 823)

2001  East Coast Shrimper Week  Gillian Whittle  (Bumble Chugger 124)

2000  Southampton to Rotherhithe  Delivery of the new Gwendoline  Bryn Bird  (Gwendoline 823)

2000  Round the Island Race  Chris Welland  (Eclipse 785)

1999  Newport (Pembs) to Rock  Roy Harper  (Lady Eleanor 93) 

1999 National Shrimper Week Cornwall  Barry Mellor  (Clementine 849) 

1999 Solent Cruise Week Trevor Heritage  (Jessie 374) 

1998  Trip to the Scillies  Peter Skinner  (Black Dog 515)

1997  National Shrimper Week  Barry Mellor  (Clementine 849)

1997  Scottish Rally  Leslie Hughes  (Bluechip)

1997  Round the Island Race  Edward B Palmer  (Kittiwake 520)

1996 Round the Island Race  John Keeping  (Thrift 96)

1996 Shrimper Week in Brittany  Barry Mellor  (Clementine 49)

1995  Scottish Shrimper Week  Ken Elliot  (KenKaylee 188)

1992  Scillies Quinquereme of Nineveh  Michael Beaumont and Giles Clotworthy

1992 Scillies


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