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Welcome to the Technical Tips pages of the SOA Website.

Having problems with your Shrimper? Need some advice on maintenance, or just looking for ways to improve your little ship?  There is a good chance that one of your fellow members has found the answer and that you will find what you’re looking for within these pages.  

To help with your search, the information has been sorted to correspond very broadly with parts of the boat and related topics.  Select a topic from the list to open a list of items relating to the chosen subject.  Each item is in PDF format and will open in a separate window.  Use your browser back arrow to return to the chosen subject page.

If the solution to your particular problem is not here, or you have discovered something of interest, how about letting us know?  A short report outlining the problem and any solution you arrive at (preferably with a few pictures), will enable the information to be published here for the benefit of others.   Comments or information should be sent to Keith Thatcher, Technical Website Secretary, at

If you can’t find what you’re looking for then try our Shrimper Forum where experienced owners are on hand to provide advice and guidance.  There is a link under About the SOA.

Finally, the legal bit.   

Owners should be aware that the information and advice contained within these pages has been provided by members of the SOA  and is based on their personal experiences.  Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is correct, the SOA or its contributors cannot accept any responsibility for the way in which it is used.  Anyone undertaking a job should satisfy themselves that they possess the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise to carry out the work safely.  If in doubt, please ask or seek professional help before starting work. 

Cornish Crabbers LLP wishes to make it clear that it does not endorse information given on this website unless it clearly and specifically states that such advice has come from the company.   

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