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Welcome to the 'TECHNICAL TIPS - ENGINES' section of the SOA Website.

Almost every Shrimper has an engine.  Whether it be small outboard or a Yanmar 1GM10 diesel inboard, they all require annual maintenance. 

Follow the links below to find tips and information on basic servicing, lay-up procedures and even what to do when things go wrong. 

If your outboard is beyond saving and you have to buy one, the 2008 survey results might help with your choice. 

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Outboard maintenance

Outboard engine 2008 Survey Results

Swing-up outboard bracket for Mk1 boats

Outboard Engine Hinged Bracket - Updated February 2023

Mariner 6 four stroke manhandling & stowage


Inboard maintenance

Checking inboard exhaust elbows

Checking Yanmar inboard exhaust elbow - PBO article Giving Exhaust Problems The Elbow

Water in the fuel tank

Check your sterngland

Layup tips for inboard injector pump

Servicing a Yanmar 1GM10 Inboard

Propshaft cutless bearing replacement

Changing Yanmar 1GM10 oil pipes

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