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Plymouth and Salcombe SOA Summer 2021

Plymouth and Salcombe areas of the Shrimper Owners' Association

Secretary: Elizabeth Saudek.


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May 21st to 24th has afternoon high tides so we could do some upstream exploring during that period.



July 29th to August 2nd tides would enable a voyage to Yealm or possibly Salcombe or Fowey.

August 11th could be the start of a longer period of coastal cruising. I'd like to get us to the Helford if conditions are suitable.


Last year a few of us used a Whatsapp group and I suggest I that I should set one up for any who wish to join. We could use this for short-notice sails e.g. "I'm going to Cawsand for lunch tomorrow and would be pleased to see any other members there." You would not be obliged to advertise all your sailing plans to SOA: I sometimes meet up with non-SOA friends, or go bird-watching up quiet creeks. I do think though that it would be a good way of enabling groups together when they wish to, rather than relying on happenstance.


We sail together for cheerful company, local knowledge and mutual support but ultimately each skipper is responsible for the health and safety of his/her own boat and crew. Weather may affect the plans.More details of each plan will be emailed nearer the time.

Members from Plymouth, Salcombe, and any visitors to our area, are invited to join in any planned activities.


Elizabeth Saudek Curlew 671

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