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How To Sell

How to Sell Your Boat

The Shrimper is a well known and respected boat. Depreciation is relatively low so you can expect to gain a good price if your boat is in good order. Second hand Shrimpers are normally snapped up by those who want a boat so it is advisable to advertise here before placing your boat in the hands of a broker or other salesman - you may save a great deal of money.

What You Should Do

Have a look at the information presented by others on the sales page and then put your boat's information in the same sort of format and send by e-mail to me at  If you wish to include photos of your boat with the advert, these should be of reasonable quality, the right way up so they view correctly and in Jpeg format, ideally sent as attachments to an email.   

You should also send a donation to the Shrimper Owners Association to the value of £50 via BACS and email the Honorary Treasurer, Karen Macey, ( to let her know that payment has been made.  When advertsing trailers for sale we ask for a donation to trhe value of £30, paid via BACS, with an email to the Honorary Treasurer to confirm payment..     


Bank account information for BACS transfer::

For overseas members please use:


We need to pay for this website and your donations keep it going!   If you are not a member we ask for a donation of £85.  Should you not want to deal with the boat sale personally, Cornish Crabbers offer a professional refurbishment and brokerage service for used boats.  

Please note that this facility is for the sale of used Shrimpers and associated items only.  We are not able to list other Cornish Crabber boats.

What Happens Next?

Within a week of your information and donation arriving your details will be entered on to the site (as long as I am not away sailing in which case there may be a delay) and the requests for further information should come flooding in. 

After You Sell

Please ensure that the person you sell to understands the advantages of joining the SOA and if possible pass him a Joining Form. If you are very happy with the result you can always send another cheque!  Please also let me know when you sell so that buyers are not frustrated and you are not pestered after your boat has gone to a new home.  Please send a second e-mail to me with your sail number so that I can easily find your old boat.

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