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Associate Membership Application Form

Associate Membership Application Form

For an annual subscription of £10 (£20 in the first year for members new to the SOA) you can enjoy the following benefits of membership :

If you wish to download, print and complete the form before returning by post, you can download it here

Please the complete form

If you wish to take up Associate Membership of the Shrimper Owners Association please complete the form below. On confirmation of receipt you will receive an email with details to pay the annual subscription.

Reason for Application

Please tick the appropriate box below

I am an existing SOA Member; I have sold my Shrimper and I wish to continue as an Associate Member – Fee £10

I sail with an Owner(s) and wish to become an Associate Member – Fee £20 Yr. 1, £10 Yr. 2 etc. (Please provide details of the owner below)

I intend to purchase a Shrimper and wish to become an Associate Member – Fee £20 Yr 1, £10 Yr 2 etc.

Do you crew for an existing SOA member? If so complete below

General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR).
It is essential that you complete the form to allow us to keep in contact with you.

For more information, please read our Data Protection Policy.

I agree to the Shrimper Owners Association holding and using my data, strictly for non-commercial purposes. I am happy to be contacted by the SOA’s National and Regional officers by phone, mail or electronically.

Data use in any future ‘Register of Members’?

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