Photo Gallery

To view the images place the cursor over Photo Gallery. Further screen options appear for the year in which the photos were taken.  Click on one of these to open a new window. .  Click on a link to display a selection of photos.

All images are now stored on external image sites such as Flickr and Photobucket. These pages contain links to members’ photo sites containing the Shrimper photos. In addition there is an SOA Flickr site set up for members who do not use their own photo site. This is the first link on the page in red titled “ SOA Members’Photographs on Flickr”. Clicking on this link opens up the SOA Flickr site with albums of photos.

Use the back arrow of your browser to return to this page after viewing or open the links by clicking with the centre mouse button to open it in a separate tab.

Further instructions for viewing and submitting photos are set out in the Spring

2015 edition of  The Shrimper magazine or by clicking HERE.

Paul Fearnley (Stella Maris, 1120)