Poole (Local) Racing Rules

S.O.A. Poole  -  Local Racing Rules

 The Shrimper class rules were drawn up almost 30 years ago and have pretty much stood the test of time.  The rules are not detailed, high specification rules and were never intended to be of that genre.  The rules were intended to keep all Shrimpers equally competitive, requiring no extra expense beyond the purchase of a standard Shrimper, yet allowing freedom to tune the rig and carry out personal alterations to the interior, or to deck/cockpit fittings for comfort, ease of handling and optimum performance.

Perhaps because the Shrimper has been such a success story and is now the largest non-dinghy class in Poole Harbour, it has naturally attracted good helms who are keen to take part in Shrimper racing.  However, an increasing number of Poole Shrimper owners who enjoy their racing expressed concern that the national SOA Racing Rules are in part somewhat ambiguous.  They felt that the flexibility of the rules permitted just a few owners to push the ‘Fast but Fair’ ethos a bit too far.

However, there is already a principle established nationally that local SOA Groups can adapt the rules to suit local conditions and circumstances.   SOA Poole section has therefore adopted some minor amendments which it is hoped will assist in the interpretation of SOA rules by those that enter or organise racing.   These Local Poole Racing Rules were introduced in 2009 and have been adopted by Parkstone Y.C. and the RMYC.  They apply to all Shrimper racing based in Poole Harbour. 

Please click on the link below to view the latest version of the local SOA Poole rules: 

SOA Poole  -  Local Racing Rules (2014)

Poole Section has also updated their sail measurement guidance notes, details of which can be found below.  

SOA Poole - Sail Measurement Guidance Notes