The Organisation



Shrimper line drawing.jpgReflecting the style and spirit of the Cornish Shrimper, the SOA is a very relaxed and low-key organisation. It is decentralised and relies heavily on the enthusiasm of members at local level. It thrives because the elegance, practicality,seaworthiness and fun aspects of the Shrimper tend to attract owners who have a good deal in common.

The SOA is a sum of its parts, namely, the regional groups. Some of the groups have large numbers ie, Falmouth, Poole, Solent &Chichester whereas other areas without the 'attraction' of safe harbours etc. are less populated but with equally enthusiastic members.

Each group has a Regional Hon. Sec. who plans and implements the seasonal programs. He/She is the primary point of contact for those SOA members wishing to join up in any particular area. Joining one of the regular local rallies or perhaps the principal National Rally is the perfect introduction to sailing within the SOA





National Officers


National Hon.Sec:

Trevor Heritage

01929 554070

Jessie May (882)


Karen Macey

01202 708712 Camaron (940)
Hon.Membership Sec:  Martin Blake 01823 662666 TeePeeTwo  (S21 – 35)  
Magazine Editor & Publisher   Valerie Clack 01794 324259
Webmaster Keith Thatcher 01202 882244 Constance (810)
Tecnical Committee Chairman Richard Gray 01202 697263 Daisy (643)


Regional Honorary Secretaries 









  Currently included with Devon Plymouth Area.  


Plymouth Area

Liz Saudek

01579 344585

Curlew (671)


River Exe Area

Richard Tillett 01392 841268

Lily (90)

East Coast

Bob Whitehouse

01394 670644 Boudicca (423)

Steve Przybylski

01326 319805 Dawn of Polruan (889) 
France Renaud Dedeyan +33 6 72 91 19 79  

Harry Breuking

+31 650 227261 Moby Dick (288)

Kevin Collins

+353 86 0886628

Cathy Neyland

01202 021572  Coffee Bean (929)

Roger Williams

01208 863143

Salamanda (133)
Central & West Solent 

Jacquie Frampton

01962 735873

Noggin The Nog


Chichester & East Solent

John Montgomery 01243 374326

Blue Moon (S21-65)


Website Secretaries


Boat Sales Richard Worsely Trista (752)
Logs Archive Mike Shearman 01747 871675
Techical Tips Keith Thatcher 01202 882244 Constance (810)
Images/Gallery Paul Fearnley

01202 707128 Stella Maris (1120)