We are delighted that some of our members are gifted writers and submit accounts of their voyages, sailing holidays and SOA events to the website  fairly regularly.  It is always fun to read of others exploits and sometimes useful to read accounts of trips to areas you intend to visit.

If you have not already done so please consider putting pen to paper and jotting down a sailing trip or event that you have really enjoyed. Send it to us and let the whole membership enjoy it with you!

We have gathered together logs from recent and more distant past years to form the beginnings of an SOA log archive. 

This will take some time to populate but we are fortunate to have Mike Shearman ( Triplet 815 ) who has agreed to undertake this large but hopefully rewarding task.

Please send Mike your own logs and reports via email to:-

2013  Daisy's First Time Round Anglesey  Chris Jones  (Daisy 291)

2004  National Shrimper Week in Wales  Barry Mellor  (Clementine 849)

2007  Cardigan Bay  Winkles Summer Cruise  Keith & Jackie Thatcher  (Winkle 144)

2001  Welsh Shrimper Week  Roy Harper  (Lady Eleanor 93)

1999  Newport (Pembs) to Rock  Roy Harper  (Lady Eleanor 93)


Please click on the log you would like to view. Use the back arrow of your browser to return to this page when required.