19th - 24th May                 Poole SOA Solent mini cruise - west Solent

24th - 28/29th May             Cruise to Poole in company with Poole Shrimpers

3rd - 6th June                   Spring Cruise - Seaview, Bembridge, Island Harbour (HW 06.38)


July (tba)                          Ice-creams & Lunches in Solent Creeks and Harbours 

5th – 9th July                   Solent Summer Cruise – Bucklers Hard, Yarmouth, Cowes (HW 09.01)             

 26th July                          Dell Quay Lunch (HW springs 13.30

August (tba)                      Ice-creams & Lunches in Solent Creeks and Harbours 

7th August                         Cruise to Langstone Harbour (HW 12.00)

22nd August                      Fowley Island/BBQ at 4 Western Parade (HW springs 13.00)

13th – 17th September     Autumn Cruise – Portsmouth, Langstone, Bembridge etc (HW 09.37)

Tide times for Portsmouth corrected for BST for first day of event.


Other dates to be aware of:

3rd – 6th June                    Old Gaffers Regatta, Yarmouth (Harbour full)

19th - 26th June                Solent Crabber Rally (waiting list)

3rd July                               Round the Island Race (many Solent Marinas full 2nd & 3rd)

9th -10th July                     Start of ISW on East Coast

31st July – 7th Aug            Cowes Week (many Solent Marinas full)

2nd – 5th September         SOA Open Championships - Falmouth



In Chichester Gerry McGeehan has said he is happy to promote another season of "Chichester Harbour Cruises" for the year ahead. However, his partner Denise is giving up work this year so it is possible Gerry and "Sniff" may not be around to make some of the cruises. With this in mind he has suggested that, unless anybody else wishes to take over the organisation,  the cruises this year are all located on the regular course that we used last year. ie The Emsworth Channel west of Marker point. He has said he will act as "starter" when he attends, however on the occasions that he cannot attend the cruises will need to be started by another participant. Unless anybody else wishes to contact Gerry and step forward to co-ordinate the cruises he will circulate details of some 


NOTE the above events are subject to being able to comply with the Coronavirus regulations in place at the time