Plymouth and Salcombe areas of the Shrimper Owners' Association


Secretary: Elizabeth Saudek.


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Happy New Year to SOA members in Pymouth and Salcombe, and may 2021 be a better year for sailing and meeting up than the last. We usually meet up for a lunch in the winter but I doubt if we shall be able to do that indoors. I am thinking about an outdoor plan that might invlove a picnic in groups and the possible use of dinghies and canoes.

Later in the Spring and Summer, which is when most of us prefer to sail, I'll make some plans for our Shrimpers and then as usual.....


We sail together for cheerful company, local knowledge and mutual support but ultimately each skipper is responsible for the health and safety of his/her own boat and crew. Weather may affect the plans.More details of each plan will be emailed nearer the time.

Members from Plymouth, Salcombe, and any visitors to our area, are invited to join in any planned activities.


Elizabeth Saudek Curlew 671