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plans for 2017

Sunday. May 7th LW 1037 HW 1725
Meet in Barn Pool 1030. Thence into The Sound and wherever wind and inclination take us.

Monday, May 29th.
Bank Holiday weekend and half-term, which is why I have chosen Monday – possibly some of you with families will be available, but less crowded than Sat/Sun
HW Devonport 0920 BST
Overnight in the Yealm; could be preceded by sailing in company in The Sound and afternoon in Cellars Cove. Dinner arrangements to be decided nearer the time by participants
So here is some more detail and a question.
Rendezvous no 1    1100 Barn Pool
Rendezvous no 2     1130 somewhere near the breakwater on the seaward side
Rendezvous no 3     circa 1500  anchor in Cellars Cove
late afternoon go up the Yealm and those wishing to stay overnight can discuss their preferred spot, depending on..... shall we eat ashore? I can book a table, probably in The Ship
If you are not familiar with the Yealm entrance – it is easy when you know it but you do need to read about in advance, or take this opportunity to follow a leader in.
Saturday July 8th
HW Devonport 1821 BST.
Overnight at Dandyhole on the River Lynher, with barbecue on the beach at 1800
Saturday July 15th to 22nd
Falmouth Shrimper Week
In addition we shall need a day or two of decent weather to get there and similar at the end of the week.
Friday August 18th to 25th
dates can be slightly flexible to suit participants but I shall make myself available for cruising on those dates. I hope we shall get along the coast and as we have not yet made it as far as Dartmouth together that might be an aspiration. The wind and the participants shall decide.
I hope there is enough there to suit the dates and interests of those of who like to sail in company. If you have other suggestions please say so. Also, there is the opportunity for any of you to email the group  if you want to invite others on your own voyages.
We cruise in company for mutual support, social interaction and the benefits of local knowledge. Nevertheless, no-one is obliged to stay with the fleet all the time if they don’t wish to; ultimately, skippers are responsible for their own safety and well-being. It would be helpful to let me know if you decide to join/leave the fleet.
I do not have a communicating radio. Please use my mobile phone 07443500973
Best wishes,