FALMOUTH     16th – 23rd JUNE


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We hope to add to this list in the very near future.

News Flash ........ dated 7th June 2012

The full itinerary for ISW Falmouth 2012 is now available to view online by

clicking on this link. 


NEWS FLASH........dated 1st May 2012      Entries have now officially closed, and all your details have been passed to Mylor Yacht Harbour and the crane man in Falmouth. I suspect we might have one or two late entries so we will leave the ONLINE entry below live, but those details will not be included in the Entry List given to each boat on arrival as we have today gone to the printers. We still have a number meal spaces available.

Within the next few days SPECIAL ISW LOGO clothing will be available from the SHRIMPER SHOP. Order anything you want directly with them. This clothing was very popular in 2006.

At the beginning of June an email will be sent out to all entries with JOINING INSTRUCTIONS. ISW is getting closer, all we need now is better weather.

NEWS FLASH ....... dated 1st April 2012..... Surprisingly a number of those who registered their intention of attending this event have now withdrawn and will not be attending. This has enabled us to open up ENTRY to all those on the waiting list as from this date. The remaining spaces will now be on a first come first served basis so if you have not ENTERED please do so ASAP. Visit  All those who Registered prior to 30th November and still have not ENTERED will now be transfered to the Waiting List and will be accepted on the first come first served basis similar to those on the waiting list. No entry will be accepted after 1st May, (hopefully we will be full well before then.)

NEWS FLASH......dated 4th March 2012....... Yet more ideas get added to our programme. Looking at the list of those renting properties ashore it appears that several owners may be accompanied to Cornwall by their non sailing Shrimper wives or would some of the female crew like a day ashore. A group of local SOA ladies have offered to orgainise an ISW Ladies Lunch at the Tresanton Hotel at St Mawes on Tuesday 19th June From the hotel terrace you will be able to watch the other half sailing! We need to know rough numbers wanting to attend this lunch ASAP. Please email Mark Osborn if you would like to go. (Further details will circulated by email in April).

We decided to close registration on 30.11.2011 and by that time 114 owners had registered their intention of taking part in the week. FALMOUTH is certainly a popular location for Shrimper sailing, nearly three times the number usually attending this Annual International Event. Those of you who have never sailed in this area will not be disappointed.

If you have not already registered, please do so NOW. Your name will go on the WAITING LIST. Hopefully we will not have to turn anyone away but you may be disappointed in not being able to attend the two dinners, but there will be lots of other social events. Finding venues to feed more than 200 people has been very difficult.

Is anyone looking for a crew (Shrimper Owner visiting Cornwall without his boat, has his own accomodation), email Mark Osborn for details.


FOR THOSE WHO REGISTERED BY 30th NOVEMBER  (see News Flash 1st April)

An emails went out (1052hrs 04.02.2012) inviting all these owners to enter, asking them to complete an ONLINE Entry Form ASAP. You will be asked whether you have read, and agree with, our Event Disclaimer form....Click here to view. Another question you will be asked is the registration number of your vehicle. On pressing SUBMIT you will be sent a confirmation of your ENTRY. Please print yourself a couple of copies of that email. Those living in the UK will be asked to attach a cheque to a copy of confirmation and send it to Mark Osborn on the address given. If you have made an error Online or wish to add any extra information please write on the email you send with your money. Do not try and make alteration online once you have submitted your entry.Those living abroad.... please pay by Electronic Transfer in pounds sterling quoting your sail number as a reference to your transfer.

All entries and payment must be received by 1st April.

Luckily exactly half of those attending intended to arrive a day early, and half want craning-in, half will launch by slipway. All craning-in will be done at Falmouth, slipway launches at Mylor. If the percentages stay the same this will reduce congestion. Everyone will be emailed "Joining Instructions" nearer the date. All parking will be at Mylor.


To ENTER press  The most common errors so far is owners not applying for trailer parking, most visitors will want TRAILER and CAR


FOR THOSE ON THE WAITING LIST..... See News Flash 1st April.... You may now enter

On the Ist April entry will be opened up to those on the wating list. Those on that list will be reminded by email but please do not enter before that date, you will disrupt the paperwork this end!

The DRAFT programme available just below the map may have changed since you last looked at it. It is still in DRAFT form and subject to change.

Do you play a musical instrument / sing, Stuart Black sail number 963 is keen to organse some impromptu on the water music events. Whether just amongst a couple boats rafted up some quiet creek or at one of the midweek evening events, it sounds like a bit of fun. We might even do a bit of talent spotting and invite anyone interested to play from the bandstand at Princess Pavilion at our final dinner. Can we form our own Shrimper band? No pressure, why not bring any instrument anyway! Let us know what instruement you intent bring by writing on the email with your cheque.

Please click on this link to view the DRAFT programme.

Plus....a DIY second week with an option to sail east or west,

or just remain in the Fal to watch the J Class Yachts racing.

and yet more..... a third week in Cornwall...Peter Keeling Week at Rock 29th June - 4th July (Racing)

We, down at Falmouth, are delighted to be hosting this Annual Event in 2012 and look forward to welcoming you all to our magnificent sailing waters. You will not be disappointed, lots of open sea, and miles and miles of coastline up the numerous sheltered creeks in the area.

Something for everyone, it is ideal Shrimper sailing. Why on visit

Our main base for the week will be at MYLOR . Some owners will choose to return there each night, (onto the pontoons, showers, loos, restaurants, cafés all on hand). 

Others will opt to be more ambitious and have several away days, Helford, up towards Truro, overnight up the beautifully peaceful Percuil River, even Falmouth itself.

Yes, to make the most of the area and have your own independence we recommend that you bring an inflatable, but one is not essential. You could team up with another owner with one in remote locations.

This is exactly what this week is all about, sharing experience, making new friends, helping others, ample opportunity to socialise, and a bit more on top…… Watch this space.


For those owners who have never taken part in such a week I am sure you have many questions /worries!

Don’t worry, come, you will enjoy it.

1) Towing for the first time….. Don’t worry it is much easier than you think. We are a long way west but a lot of the road is motorway or dual carriageway.

2) There will also be plenty of hands to help this end. We will provide a rigging area. Mylor has a good slipway and parking for both your car and trailer will be available. Many owners do not like putting their road wheels into salt water and we have arranged a “Discounted” craning-in facility at Falmouth (£60 each way if we can get 10 boats….you will be able to leave your trailer there also. We would advise bringing your car back to Mylor).

3) Mooring….We will be offering three options, 1) The dirty unwashed, a ROVERS ticket, (no, there are showers at Helford, St Mawes and obviously at Falmouth but you might need that dinghy) 2) Seven nights at Mylor and 3) Locals with their own moorings. All payments for 16th - 22nd will be made in advance to the SOA. The final booking form will be ONLINE shortly. If you are arriving early We will advice MYH of the number of owners wanting to overnight on Friday 15th. There is no need to contact them directly.

4) There will be a prepaid Open Dinner on the 16th at Castaways at Mylor and a final Dinner on the 22nd (maximum 200),

During the week we are also considering a DIY BBQ, a Cooking Competition, you must not go home without having had a Cornish Cream Tea and don’t forget that Pasty. You might like to bring your walking boots with you…. watch that wasteline!

5) We are still currently fine tuning the Programme but Draft 2 or is it 3 or 4 is now available above. We might have a few surprises up our sleeves yet.  We are delighted that Cornish Crabbers are coming onboard with the planning of the week.

6) Is all this just too much not to be missed….

But I hear you saying “I just can’t cope with bringing my own boat"  Why not contact Cornish Blue at Falmouth who have boats available.

or are you saying “Her indoors won’t sleep on the boat” or is it you?  Mylor Yacht Harbour has flats available.    Why not share.

There are local B &B’s best sourced via Tourist Information

Even local caravan sites….

But what is wrong with your boat, you will enjoy the week that much more joining the dirty unwashed Option 1, I promise to wash.

7) Portugal, Denmark or even Italy is a long drive for just one week…. Why not stay longer.

A group might sail east in week 2, in 2006 a group sailed to the Scillies, but you might just like stay in the Fal and watch the J Class Yachts racing at Falmouth 26th -30th  June. They will be a wonderful sight.

Unfortunately we will not be able to offer discounted mooring fees for the second week, …. Nothing is cheap nowadays … budget for £15-20 per night


What do you do now….

If you have visited the various websites and think you might be able to attend

REGISTER online .....

We will add you to our mailing list and issue the odd UPDATE… what have I said now, more work……


We look forward to seeing you all in 2012


Email :-   markosborn245 AT btinternet DOT com