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Welcome to the Solent & Chichester Regional Page.


SOA 2003 010.jpgHere we would like to introduce you to our beautiful protected waters of The Solent and Chichester Harbour.


 We enjoy safe sheltered sailing in an area that provides unlimited potential for fun, adventure, exciting sailing ( or relaxing - you choose! ) lots of pottering possibilites and peaceful anchorages that are out of reach to most of the larger craft but perfect for our small but seaworthy Shrimpers. 



 Protected by the Isle of Wight the Solent has many safe and beautiful harbours, many ideally suited to the shallow draft of the Shrimper but all providing a uniquely different character to the visiting sailor. Chichester is arguably the ideal Shrimper harbour in which it is possible to sail and explore it's many different creeks in almost any weather. 






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Each season we put together a variety of events and cruises exploring the different areas of the Solent and Chichester. Some events are at weekends, other 2-5 day trips are usually held mid week and we  have our flagship event SOLENT CRUISE WEEK lasting a full week during which we try to include many harbours and cover more sea miles.

The two regions are now organised separately with events for each region co-ordinated by;-

West Solent - Carolyn Howden,  Tarrock  479

Chichester/East Solent - John Montgomery,  Moondance 816


Any local owners who moor their Shrimpers in Chichester may wish to contact Rodney Arnold ( Morning Vicar 294 ) who arranges evening cruises in Chichester harbour during the season.  01243.378810


As time progresses we hope to provide regular news of forthcoming events, reports on recent events and any other items of interest to our region. Please keep an eye on the 'Latest News'  box on the Home Page page as well as this page to stay up to date.

 If you keep your Shrimper in the Solent or Chichester regions you are very welcome to join in with all the events we arrange.



 Top of the Yar.jpg         Top of the River Yar - Mini Cruise  May 2010




Please take a look at the items listed below. ( click on the blue  links)Ian Beaulieu 2009.jpg





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If you would like anything added to this page please contact:-  

John Montgomery   Moondance 816 

Carolyn Howden    Tarrock  479