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Tony Coles - Shrimper 930 Shytalk

31st December 2017

Tony Coles

It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Tony Coles, the owner of Shrimper 930 Shytalk, who passed away on 23rd December 2017.   He died quite peacefully in the arms of Cathy, his partner, following a long struggle with diabetes complications. 

Tony and Cathy will be well known to many of you as they were regular participants in Shrimper Weeks.  They lived in East Kent where Shrimpers are thin on the ground, so were enthusiastic trailer sailors.  Their white hulled Shytalk often featured in photos taken during Shrimper rallies.  Tony will always be remembered for his partnership with the crew of Jolly Janet in the composition and performance of several very funny Shrimper songs. 

At this time no funeral details are available.