We are delighted that many of our members are willing to put pen to paper ( or should that be fingers to the keyboard these days? )  and submit accounts of their voyages, sailing holidays and SOA events fairly regularly.

It is always fun to read of other's exploits and sometimes useful to read accounts of trips to areas you intend to visit. We have started to gather logs and reports from both recent and past years of SOA events to form the beginnings of an SOA log archive.

This will take some time to populate but we are fortunate to have Mike Shearman ( Triplet 815 ) who has agreed to undertake this large but hopefully highly rewarding task. Please send Mike your own logs and reports via email to:- mike@michaelshearman.plus.com

The logs are all in pdf format and can be accessed by the links on the selected page menu.

To begin please select the country of your choice from the drop down ' LOGS' menu above.